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Case Management II: Crisis and Trauma-Informed Care

The second in a three-course series, this class helps case managers develop the skills necessary to establish and maintain rapport with clients, manage crises, and maintain professional boundaries. Emphasis is placed on techniques based in Motivational Interviewing, trauma-informed practice, and the strengths perspective. Working with special populations, including those with mental illness and substance use issues, will also be addressed. Finally, participants will learn self-care techniques to reduce the risk for burnout and compassion fatigue.


Evaluate Your Nonprofit's Success: Developing and Measuring Outcomes ***please note rescheduled date***

In today's nonprofit climate, almost everyone who is important to your organization asks you to demonstrate your value. Funders…boards…association members…donors…partner agencies…they all want to hear more about outcomes (that is, the results you create) and less about what you do. Why has this become so important to funding organizations and the public, and can we manage this with everything else we have to do? In this course, participants will learn about the benefits of outcomes measurement and address critical questions such as the following: